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Attitude, character, and culture, are three extremely important characteristics that make up a reliable company.

Reliability expresses the quality or state of being reliable, suitable or fit to be relied on.

Classic Flooring Modular XM3 Carpet Range

We at Classic Flooring believe in the words of Professor Theodore Levitt:
A Customer is an asset that is usually more precious than the tangible assets on the balance sheet. You can usually buy balance sheet assets; there are lots of willing sellers. You cannot so easily buy customers.

Classic Floorings ever so dependable team, coupled with its reliable resources, ensure that our customer’s wishes are always a priority.


Established in 1979 as Kim Liddle Agencies, Classic Flooring has now evolved into a national supplier of modular and broadloom carpet in Australia, with custom manufacturing capabilities.


From inception of design and colour concept through to after sales care our focus is on providing a first class experience and outcome for our customers.

Classic Flooring can provide floorcovering solutions both from stock of exisiting ranges through to custom design and colour specifications. You are our priority.


Classic Flooring endeavours to search for new technologies in line with industry standards.

Our three computer controlled Dye Injection process lines, cross link polymer backing line, cabling and heat setting lines as well as state of the art MLC and twelfth gauge scroll tufting machines are driving our companys capabilities and success in tufted, dye injected carpet, rug and modular manufacturing.

We have now added the Mtuft Modra sampling machine that allows immediate sampling tailored to your specifications.  Combining the Mtuft with CAD/CAM Ned graphics design station allows you to physically feel and visualize your ideas within days.

Flexible Commercial Carpets by Classic Flooring


The pace of change is accelerating. You need a partner in business committed to dynamic innovation and flexibility.

Classic Flooring constantly invests in latest machines from Europe, USA, and the Asia-Pacific region. We continue to upgrade our employee’s skills in order to manufacture high quality custom-made floor covering required by todays modern market.

Our carpet and carpet tile ranges are stocked in Australia as part of our committed effort to meet project delivery requirements. For larger projects we have the flexibility in design and manufacture to modify existing ranges and create custom project solutions to ensure that market demands are met.


Classic Flooring has the privilege to supply quality floor covering to the world. We are a market-oriented business who adapt quickly to the ever-changing trends in the floor covering industry.

We understand that character is what we know ourselves to be, and that reputation is something that must constantly be earned through what you think of us.


Classic Flooring Australia has evolved and prospered from a long history of synergistic business relationships.

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