Residential Carpet

Residential Carpet

Here at City Commercial Floor Coverings we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of domestic carpets to cater for all budgets and projects, our carpets come in a range of different materials, from polyesters to nylons and wool’s!

To ensure a product that you will love we also provide sampling and colour consulting services. We understand that keeping up with the latest trends in your home can sometimes be difficult, but with our large range of the latest trends and designs from our trusty suppliers, keeping up with the times is just one step away with City Commercial Floor Coverings. 

Colours & Textures

Carpet is available in a wide array of colours and textures to suit all décors.


Carpet is soft and warm underfoot.


Carpet provides a comfortable thermal indoor environment due to its insulating properties.


Carpet doesn’t crack or scratch.


Carpet creates a quiet indoor environment as it absorbs sounds and reduces household noises produced by footsteps, items dropped on the floor and chair legs scraped across a floor.


Carpet provides a safe and sure footing surface as it is not slippery and provides a soft landing in case of falls.


Cut Pile Plush

A soft velvet and even upright finish with a formal look

  • The pile is short and slightly twisted
  • Can display tracking from footprints and vacuuming
  • Sometimes called velvet or velour carpet

Cut Pile Twist

A luxurious feel and a smooth textured finish.

  • The pile is highly twisted and lies in different directions
  • Hardwearing and maintain their finish, so ideal for high foot trafficked areas
  • Textured finish is less likely to show shading or tracking


A luxurious feel and stylish, less formal, shaggy appearance.

  • The long pile lies in different directions providing a deep texture
  • Extremely durable
  • Available in variations of thick and thin as well as long and short pile
  • Carpets with longer pile than Frieze are known as “shag piles”

Level Loop Pile

A distinct textured loop finish created by a simple loop.

  • Well suited to heavy trafficked areas
  • Do not show footprints

Multi Level Loop Pile

A textured finish made using loops of various heights.

  • This style is also called High-Low Loop pile
  • Can be used in a random or sequenced design to create textures or patterns
  • Extremely durable


A textured loop pile in straight rows.

  • Comes in a variety of patterns and textures
  • Loop heights can vary to produce different patterns and textures

Level Cut and Loop Pile

A stylish finish with a soft, smooth feel and a range of distinctive patterns created by a combination of level loop and cut pile.

  • Wide range of lineal patterns
  • Patterns can create the illusion of space in a room

Textured Cut and Loop Pile

A stylish finish with a soft, smooth feel and a range of distinctive patterns created by a combination of level loop and cut pile.

  • Creates a visual affect with patterns
  • Has a textured finish

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