Residential vinyl

Residential vinyl

At City Commercial Floor Coverings we know how important choosing the right product for your home is, that’s why we focus on carrying high quality domestic vinyls that will suit your every need. Our products are sourced for the best and most trusted suppliers to make sure the final product is one you dreamed of.

We understand that sometimes choosing a colour or product for your home can be overwhelming, so to help you out we offer a colour consultant service to assist with the colour and product selection.

Along with a beautiful final product, you will also receive a warranty with all vinyl work, this also includes installation warranty. So if you’re interested in choosing City Commercial to spruce up your home, don’t hesitate to contact us through email, or give us a call. 

Vinyl Plank

Versatile vinyl plank takes the look, feel and design of natural hardwood floors and adds a few extra touches. Vinyl Plank delivers an abrasion resistant and moisture impervious floor that can be wet mopped.

  • A built-in anti-microbial agent inhibiting the growth of mould, microbes and household insects make it ideal for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries.
  • The comfortable, quiet, and slip resistant underfoot finish works exceptionally well in children’s play zones or pet friendly areas.
  • Recommended for use throughout the house both in wet areas such as laundries and bathrooms as well as living areas including lounge, dining, kitchens, hallways and bedrooms.
  • Vinyl Plank offers these additional benefits:
  • Water resistant and easy to clean, with enhanced surface durability to resist wear and tear in high traffic areas.
  • Easy to install and simple to replace a section should damage occur.
  • Contemporary and classic ranges with over 40 decors to select from.


Hybrid features Trigon® Core Technology which is a core board manufactured from limestone.

  • Combining the look and feel of natural timber with all the best technical attributes of laminate and vinyl planks.
  • It is an exceptionally stable floor that is capable of handling rapid temperature changes with minimal expansion and contraction. Hybrid displays astonishing durability and impact resistance and is able to withstand an army of foot traffic.
  • Waterproof product that can be wet mopped and installed in wet areas.
  • Quick and easy to install locking system technology that can be walked on the same day.
  • No internal expansion required for rooms up to 30 x 15m.
  • Recommended for use throughout the house, both in wet areas such as laundries and bathrooms as well as living areas including lounge, dining, kitchens, hallways and bedrooms.

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